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NON-LEAD Hunting & Angling (in cooperation with CWRC & others)

Non-Lead Ammunition & Tackle Exchange & Education Program* there is no known "safe" level of lead

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Last Modified: 25 Nov 2022
Last Full Update: 24 Oct 2017


Located In Brookfield
Where To Find Us
2200 Irwin Lake Rd
Brookfield, NS B0N 1C0
Areas Served Halifax Regional Municipality ; Nova Scotia ; Truro


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Description & Services

Information The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, in cooperation with the Halifax Wildlife Association, Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund, offer at no cost, a non-lead ammunition exchange, non-lead tackle exchange and a non-lead educational outreach program. 
Lead is Toxic to Wildlife and Humans 
Lead is a known heavy metal toxin 
It has been removed from gas, paint, pipes, window blinds and waterfowl shot 
Bald eagles and other wildlife are poisoned by eating lead fragments in carcasses and gut piles 
A bird will seizure and slowly starve to death from lead poisoning 
Humans can accidentally eat lead fragments scattered up to 18' (45 cm) from the wound channel 
Lead is especially harmful to children and pregnant women. Lead poisoning affects the nervous system, causes aggression, learning disabilities, lowered IQ, high blood pressure, reproductive dysfunction and anemia. 
Poisoning from Lead Tackle 
Lead based angling tackle, sinkers, jigs and lures are still used in many anglers 
Birds like loons and other wildlife can mistake the tackle for prey 
Birds can ingest lead when foraging on waterway bottoms for grit to aid digestion 
Once lead has been eaten, it is usually fatal 
Non-lead fishing tackle made from metals such as steel, tin, bismuth and tungsten offer safe alternatives to lead and keep wildlife safe for us and future generations. 
Non- Lead bullets 
Expand on impact and stay in one piece 
Leave a clear wound path requiring no further cleaning when removed 
Have excellent weight retention and energy release 
Offer a quicker, cleaner and more humane kill 
Have received excellent reviews from hunters in Atlantic Canada 
Solid copper bullets have superior muzzle energy retention, accuracy, penetration and knock-down power