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Dempsey Corner Orchards

Record #: MCK0009
Last Modified: 10 Aug 2018
Last Full Update: 10 Aug 2018


Located In Aylesford
Where To Find Us
2717 Highway 221
Aylesford, NS
Areas Served Annapolis Valley Region


Phone 902-847-1855
Fax 902-847-1855

Description & Services

U-Pick Fruits and Vegetables 
- Have you tried all twelve varieties of our cherries? Yes, there are different flavours of cherries. 
- Come pick a peach off the tree and bite it while it is still warm from the sun. Let it run down your chin. 
- 57 varieties of apples to try. 
- Berries, Berries, everywhere and every one to eat! 
- Plums come in different colours and sizes, but they all grow on trees and we will let you pick them all. 
- Have you ever wanted to sneak into a farmer's field and steal corn? We will let you do it here, you just have to pay for it before you leave. 
- Dig your own potatoes, carrots, onions, and beets. You'll be surprised what colours you find. 
- Table grapes? Wine grapes? Eat them or shove them through your toes... your choice really, but you can do that here too. 
- Pumpkins from the field are way more fun than pumpkins from a shelf at the grocery store. 
- Fruits and vegetables are never fresher than when you pick them yourself! 
Play Farmer!  
What do you mean you have never bottle fed a baby goat? We can help with that. 
Never snuggled with a baby calf in the sunshine? We can fix that. 
Scratched a pig on its belly and made it kick its back leg like a dog? We can help with that too. 
How about tried to win a staring contest with a fluffy bunny? 
Gathered eggs? 
Shared your cookie with a little lamb? 
Played the quack back game with a duckling? 
You can play in our playground, visit the Petting Zoo, make music in the Sound Garden, Play Apple Golf, Apple Baseball or Apple Tennis. 
Check our Facebook page for current and upcoming events!
Hours 10:00am -5:00pm daily
Dates May/June (opening day weather-dependent) to Halloween
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