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Annapolis Royal Conkers Club

Record #: ARR0014
Last Modified: 12 Jun 2019
Last Full Update: 12 Jun 2019


Located In Annapolis Royal
Where To Find Us
441 St. George St
Annapolis Royal, NS
Areas Served Annapolis Valley Region


Description & Services

First and foremost conkers is fun. A Game for all ages and an Ideal way to compete across generations. 
The Annapolis Royal Conker Club began in 2012 after a small group of local enthusiasts determined to reintroduce the recreation as part of the community’s calendar of activities and events. 
Conkers is a centuries old British Game using the hard brown seed of the horse chestnut tree threaded on a length of string. Individual bouts feature two players taking alternate attempts to break their opponents conker. The knockout format tourney for the prestigious Crofton Chalice is open to all ages and genders. 
A hole is drilled in a large, hard conker using a nail, gimlet, or small screwdriver. An electric drill such as a “Dremel” using increasing drill-bit diameters at intermittent intervals, produces less internal damage to the nut’s core and is highly effective during the hardening period / process. Once ready for action, a piece of string is threaded through it about 25 cm (10 inches) long (often a shoelace is used). A large knot at one or both ends of the string secures the conker. 
The game is played between two people, each with a conker. 
They take turns hitting each others' conker using their own. One player lets the conker dangle on the full length of the string while the other player swings their conker and hits.
Eligibility Ages: 8 year(s) and up
Dates Annual Tournament, contact via email for more info