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Academy of the Inner Smile

Tai Chi Qi Gong REIKI practise and training

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Public Bulletin contact Gerard Cormier by phone or email TO BOOK a Tai Chi/Qi Gong training or REIKI session or training APPOINTMENT


Located In Parrsboro and Area
Where To Find Us Second Beach Haven
Parrsboro, NS
Canada B0M 1S0


Phone 902 254 2277
Contact Antoine Gerard Cormier, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and REIKI Teacher, Academy of the Inner Smile; Phone: (902) 254-2277; Email:
Alternate Contact Email:
Mailing Address PO Box 303 
Parrsboro, NS 
Canada B0M 1S0

Description & Services

Information Tai Chi, Qi Gong and REIKI instruction and treatment sessions
Eligibility Ages: 7 year(s) - 107 year(s) 
Tai Ji Qi Gong (pronounced Tai Chi Chi Kung) translates as Grand Ultimate Life Energy Practice. It is an ancient Chinese healing and "soft" martial art form which consists of a sequence of gentle yet effective physical movements resembling a slow motion dance, combined with mental focus and correct breathing to guide the circulation of the Qi life energy through our body. It is designed to integrate our body, mind and spirit; and to unite all three with the natural life force of the universe.  
Antoine Gerard Cormier began his Tai Chi teaching “career” over 25 years ago (1990) where earlier he had begun training in the 227 movements of the Tai JI Qi form. In 1993, he Integrated Qi Gong techniques into his Tai Ji Qi instruction. Then in 1996, he journeyed to China where he pursued intensive Chi Kung training with Master Yuan Shing Sun, and received Tai Chi training from Master Ming Shi. In 2002, he moved to Parrsboro, NS where to date he has taught Tai Chi to over 200 students. 
REIKI (pronounced Ray Key) is a non-invasive energy balancing and re-energizing light touch relaxation technique. It assists the natural healing process of the client’s body, mind and spirit. The client lies fully clothed on a table and the REIKI practitioner transmits REIKI healing energy, which consists of the REI or God Consciousness (Divine Love and Wisdom) guiding the KI or universal life energy, to the client by placing hands lightly at various locations on the body. The client's unconscious or Higher Self then draws whatever energy the client needs. 
Antoine Gerard Cormier received his REIKI Master/Teacher certificate in 1998. Since then he has given REIKI sessions to thousands of clients. and he has initiated numerous REIKI practitioners and 12 REIKI Master/Teachers.
Hours All classes/sessions are one hour in duration. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available.
Dates Weekdays and weekends appointments available by phoning 902 254 2277, or emailing

Special Information

Established 1990 (Tai Chi) 1998 (REIKI)
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